DeVilliers Botha

DeVilliers Botha, COO - Solareff and Director - GridCars

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Solareff (Pty) Ltd, DeVilliers has extensive and unique expertise relating to the legal, compliance and financial challenges encountered within Solar PV projects. DeVilliers’ experience within construction, engineering, contract, property and environmental law, positions him as an industry thought leader on regulation and compliance issues. With 13 years’ experience as a practising advocate, DeVilliers is an authoritative speaker who has presented at various internationally attended conferences on aspects relating to embedded Solar PV installations and topics that vary from a technical, financial and legal nature. Currently DeVilliers serves as Chair of the SAPVIA SSEG (Small-Scale Embedded Generation) Workgroup, as well as serving on the Green Energy Forum for the Garden Route District Municipality.

In 2017, Solareff expanded into green mobility through the acquisition of GridCars - a developer of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point software management systems and supplier of charge points. Under his Directorship, GridCars has successfully installed South Africa’s most extensive EV charging network. DeVilliers frequently conducts Municipal training sessions and presents at various conferences to create public awareness and general education on electric vehicles and the impact they have on the national grid.

DeVilliers is truly living the Green Lifestyle thanks to his home solar PV solution which also charges his EV thus further reducing his carbon footprint. As an EV owner DeVilliers is a true enthusiast and says since he has switched to an EV he surprisingly doesn’t even miss his V8 fuel guzzler!

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